SAFE – Synthetic Awareness For Emily

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Download a FREE PDF copy of our handout brochure by clicking on the link:

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We are sharing Emily’s story to bring awareness to the dangers of using synthetic marijuana/ spice/ incense/ potpourri/ legal. By whatever name you call it, it is poison to your body. We are in the process of incorporating our charity and hope to use this page to gain knowledge and share knowledge.

If y’all want to share your experiences with synthetic weed, feel free to send us a private message on our Facebook page We will post them anonymously if you say it’s okay. We are not trying to get anyone in trouble here.

If you just want to send us your story without us publishing anything, that is okay too. We know there is comfort in numbers because hearing all of your responses and thoughts and experiences has been very comforting to us.

People that are smoking this have the mindset that this is somehow better because it won’t show up in a drug test. We need to get the word out with real experiences to show people that it’s not SAFE.

Our objective is to use this page to put a real face on the danger of SYNTHETICS.

If you would like to reach out immediately to other people with the same questions or just want to see what *real* people are saying right now about this subject, check out our Facebook page.

If you are currently using synthetic marijuana and want to stop:

Call 1-800-662-HELP in the U.S. to reach a free referral helpline from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Report Sellers to the DEA here:

If you believe a store in the Houston area is selling this substance, you may contact the Houston Police Department’s Narcotics Division at (713) 466-3673, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office at (713) 224-6000 or the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Houston Field Office at (713) 693-3000.

You can also go online at to make a report.